Monday, November 23, 2009


Why dont I seem to want to take the time to update this blog. It was suppose to be sorta like a journal. Something I could look back on and see how my running progressed or regressed. So far all I have recorded are a few snippets of how things have gone. Im happy to say, my running is going much better than my blogging.

I am currently 10 weeks into a 16 week half marathon plan. If all goes well, I will be running a half in early January. The most difficult part thus far, has been juggling workouts with my crazy work schedule. Sometimes doing tempo and long runs much to close together. However I do feel pretty good most of the time. It has kinda been a trial to see if I can manage marathon training with my work schedule. The jury is still out on that one. But running a marathon is still my ultimate goal as far as running goes. Hopefully not to far in the future.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad to see everything is still going well! Good luck in your HM training, and hope you reach your goal of a full! Keep it up!

Christina said...

Training is tough on the schedule so give yourself a pat on the back with your training for the HM. It sounds like you're doing well. As far as marathon training goes....when the time comes that you can fit it in easily, that's when you should go for it. In the meantime, enjoy your running. That's the important're out there running.

Christina said...

Yes, fast is relative. I am the slowest person in the club but I know running with them, I'm faster than if I run by myself. There is also a sense of accomplishment with the speedwork, which I throughly enjoy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving