Monday, August 3, 2009

New found respect for trail runners

I have always enjoyed getting off the asphalt as much as possible. In fact, probably about half my mileage is done on grass or well groomed trails. It seems to break up the monotony of running on the streets. Plus, no dodging of cars, with crazy drivers behind the wheel. Most of whom think its perfectly acceptable to drive 55 mph through a residential area. So when I found out that the 5k I was gonna be running, was actually a cross country race, it didn't concern me.

The temperature wasn't bad for this time of year, though it was humid. And it never crossed my mind that the 3 inches of rain the day before would be a factor. I was thinking, " I like trails, and its only a 5k. But I soon learned, running on wet trails is a whole different ballgame. And a game that I knew little about.

I had a good plan, I was gonna run the first 2 miles at about a 8 min per mile pace. Then turn it up a notch the last mile. It was a good plan, but you know what they say about the good plans of mice and men.

Did I mention that I dont have trail shoes ? Or that my old 2140s were soaking wet before I ever got to the starting line. That may be why the crowd was so small for this race. The majority of the runners were at least half my age. I guess all the old folks said " I will just sit this one out. "

In spite of the mud, wet grass and a slightly twisted ankle, I did have a lot of fun. It was another chance to run with my Son. And because of the small turnout, I was able to finish 2cnd in my age group. And yes, there were more than 2 people in my age group. Not many more though. lol

So I have learned a couple things. I need some trail shoes, and a bad day of running, still makes for a great day.

Florence Track Club Cross Country 5k


Mile 1 8:07 pace
Mile 2 9:13 pace
Mile 3 9:19 pace
.15 8:18 pace



Mel-2nd Chances said...

Trail running does seem like a lot of fun, and a good challenge. I did one trail race last year in the dark for Halloween.. it was interesting to say the least and a lot of fun!! :)

chris mcpeake said...

trail racing rules!!

Kenley said...

Great job on your muddy 5K. I just recently bought a pair of trail running shoes. Asics 2130! they are ok.