Friday, November 12, 2010

Run Like A Nut 10k

My Marathon training plan called for a 6 mile tempo run this week. It worked out just perfect to replace the tempo run with a 10k race. My son suggested we run the Run Like A Nut 10k. This would be his first 10k. We also meet some other family members, one who was running her first 10k. And another, running his first half marathon. So needless to say, there was lots of excitement.

My marathon plan suggested an 8:20 pace, so my goal was to run the 10k close to this pace. I had in mind running the first half a little slower, then depending on how I felt, pick it up the last mile.

I told my son the pace I intended to run. He stated that he wasn't sure he could do that, but to do my thing and he would try to keep up.

I started near the back of the pack, as I normally do. It was very slow the first mile as I made my way through the traffic. Just as we began, a young boy tripped and nearly got ran over. Im very thankful he wasnt seriously hurt. According to my Garmin, I finished the first mile in 8:44.

The next 2 miles I hit my time almost exactly. 8:19 and 8:28 respectfully. I was really thrilled that my son was able to run right with me up to this point. I also found my self running with a group of 4 people, for both miles.

I normally dont drink anything in shorter races. However, I decided to grab a cup of Gatorade at mile 4. The main reason was to get the feel of drinking out of a cup during the marathon. Mile 4 was mostly up hill. This combined with the Gatorade stop, left me running mile 4 in 8:28. Still close to my 8:20 planned pace. But the best part was that Wayne was still running right with me.

As planned, I decided to pick up the pace a little the last mile. I still felt really good, and crossed the finish line in 50:06. As soon as I finished, I looked back and Wayne was crossing the finish line. Only a few seconds behind me. We gave each other a fist bump and walked off into the crowd. Wayne mentions now, that he would like to fun a half marathon. This makes me really happy, and I hope to run that with him as well.

After running, we went to the South Carolina- Arkansas game. The game really sucked, but even that couldnt put a damper on a great day.

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