Sunday, January 3, 2010

A look back

Did I ever mention that I am a statistics nut. Im not sure if I could even run without my Garmin anymore. I love to keep numbers on everything, heart rate, pace, elevation, weather, ect. ect. ect. So I thought I would post some of the more relevant ones.


Jan. 1 2009 198lbs
Jan. 1 2010 188lbs
net loss -10lbs

number of runs

2008 139
2009 170

total miles

2008 333.6
2009 752.9

Total time running

2008 40:30:40
2009 126:32:14

Avg distance

2008 2.4mi
2009 4.4mi

avg pace

2008 9:33
2009 10:14
calories burned

2008 37678
2009 105969

To be completely fair, I was doing a lot of weight lifting in 2008, and only a little running to keep my weight in check. However, in an ironic twist, I found that I enjoyed the running much more. Now I spend less time in the gym and more time outdoors running.
Good luck and good health to all in 2010.

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Christina said...

I love my Garmin too but you are right, you are definitely a geek. I have seen people posting their 2008 to 2009 comparison numbers and want to look up mine. That would be fun statistics for me to see.