Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just finished Mecleod Medicine 5k

There was nothing special about this race, just another 5k that pops up all around this time of year. However I do love to run every one of them. Though Im just the shadow of the runner i was 15years ago, I havnt lost the passion. This race I was expecting to be about 6 slower than my Pr set in the mid 1990'3. Mind you I was 15 years younger and 20 pounds lighter. But I havnt really trained for a 5k. I have been just getting the miles in slowly, trying to nurse my sore shins.
Even though I had to work until midnight, friday, and then work again Saturday. I felt it was worth the extra effort to run this one.
Why, Becuase it was the third time in the last few months that my son has asked me to run one with him. And he is realy enjoying running, but the impact it has made on is life, is just short of incredible.
Hopefully I will get the offical results, and my sons permission to post the changes running has made in his life. And what this first oppratunity to run a race with him ment to me.

until later Burt


Denise said...

All that matters is that you still have the passion. That's the best feeling!

chris mcpeake said...

You are really lucky to be able to run with family. Keep it up